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Elite Members earn with same activities 250% more than regular Members you can upgrade!

How to earn with clicks?

Every Member can earn visiting different Advertisers and Units in QYAO network. There are more than hundred different Advertisers and Units where Member can get paid for clicks. Click value goes from $0.01 per click to $0.60 per click. Biggest part is earned from referrals!

How to earn displaying banners?

This is very easy task, as soon as Member opens the account he/she will start earning for impressions of banners in his/her Profile page, Posted Classifieds, Posted blogs, Managing own Forum and several other places. Biggest part is earned from referrals!

How to earn reading Paid Messages?

Members are time to time getting Paid Messages which contain text with links to sponsor sites. Member is getting paid for opening such Messages and follows the instructions. Biggest part is earned from referrals! Member can display Banner, Skyscraper and/or Lederboard through copy/paste banner code at third party websites and earn for impressions
You can learn more details in forum Member Earnings!
Elite Members earn with same activities 250% more than regular Members you can upgrade!
Partner Transfer
You can transfer bonuses once per month from Forced Matrix site to QYAO to use them for profits and earnings. Partner site gives you $1.00 bonus for every referred qualified Member at their page. Every Member has it pretty easy because Forced Matrix system as name already explains signs referrals automatic under referees down to 15th level. Even if Member at Forced Matrix site doesn't refer any new Members, system does it automatic. Forced Matrix 3 can be artificially expanded in 4, 5 or more referral branches.

How can I earn Money with QYAO?

You can click, post blogs, threads and classifieds, read Paid Messages, participate in Campaigns, Link Exchange and Invest in traffic sent to Advertisers.

How can I earn with clicks?

You can visit PPC Promo directory and there you will find many Advertisers advertising their websites and businesses. Each Advertiser set own bid value, which means if bid value is 10 cents you'll get paid 100% of Member's share if you are Regular Member and 250% of Member's share if you are Elite Member for same activities.

How can I earn with posting blogs, forum threads and classifieds?

When you are posting blogs, forum threads and classifieds and other Members are visiting all these posts they are generating impressions of banners located at these pages and you get paid for impressions. Impressions have like clicks bid values which are set up from Advertisers. Regular Members get paid 100% of Member's share and Elite Members get paid 250% of Member's share for same activities. You can find also banner codes for Leaderboards, Skyscrapers and other banners which can be used at web pages and this way Impressions can be generated for ID in the banner code. Look up link Get the code in Banner Promo.

How can I earn reading Paid Messages?

Advertisers are sending Paid Messages with instructions what to do. All you have to do is open a Paid Message, read it and follow instruction.

How can I earn participating in different campaigns?

You can earn first Prize for having most votes for your picture, making most clicks in a month (1-6 per unit per day and not more), post most threads in a month (normal threads not copies or nonsense), post most blogs (normal blogs from your knowledge and not copies of articles or some other nonsense) in a month and post most classifieds (regular, normal classifieds, not copies or ads without purpose) in a month.

How can I earn with Link Exchange?

You can use your Link Exchange URL, which you can find in your account at Statistic Page or at Link Exchange page, and submit it in Directories, Search Engines and/or other websites with traffic. This way you get traffic from different visitors who will be clicking at this link and get redirected to Advertisers through your link ID. Your ID will record generated traffic and credit your account for it.

How can I earn with investments?

You can make your funds work for you. Most of Members when they signed up they got $15.00 in their Advertising Account. These funds can be used for investment in traffic to Advertiser's websites. You have to choose Advertisers wisely to get most profit out of your investment. You request from Advertisers you don't trust earnings (funds) back to AA daily and you let earnings grow with Advertisers who you trust. It's optimal to deal with 10 - 30 advertisers and let earnings grow. When they reach $10.00 or more you can withdraw them and request from Advertisers to pay you to Paypal, with check or any other payment tool.

Will QYAO pay me if I get scammed from Advertiser?

QYAO is an online tool - Company which is running a business and not an Insurance company. If Advertiser owes you Money you have to take Advertiser to court or report Advertiser to authorities for fraud. QYAO gives you a chance only to request funds back to AA as long as funds are not $10.00 or more. Once you reach the amount $10.00 or more with some Advertiser you have to withdraw funds through Advertiser to your Paypal or Bank Account.

What can I do with funds in Advertising Account (AA)?

Funds in Advertising Account can't be withdrawn direct to Paypal or Bank Account and can't be reimbursed back to your Paypal or Bank Account. Once you deposited funds in Advertising Account (AA) you can use them only for Advertising campaign, Investment or transfer to other Member inside QYAO network. AA Funds are used in PPC Promo, Banner Promo and Paid Messages as 5% down payment for 20 times bigger credit line and as 50% down payment in Link Exchange.

What is realistic value of funds in Advertising Account?

If you want $100.00 funds in Advertising Account you have to deposit $100.00 from your bank account or Paypal account. The real value is dollar is a dollar in or outside AA.

Does QYAO pay at all?

QYAO pays for Elite referrals $0.10 per each Elite referral on all 10 levels every month only to active recruiters and Members who are doing recruiting part time. Payouts are done for amounts $5.00 and more, if amount is smaller it doesn't even count for payout and it's ignored. If Member doesn't earn at least $5.00 per month with recruiting/referring he/she is not considered as recruiter and no payout is made. QYAO pays for sales commission of 15% - 22% to its Sales Reps, Sales Managers and other Sales staff and Franchise Advisors and Franchise Advisor Managers.

What are Portal Units?

Portal units are websites which are Advertising at QYAO and are running on Stonediver software. Such portal units have filters and fraud protection which guaranties its owner's professional level of doing online business. Portal units are usually created to generate traffic and protect its advertisers from fraudulent and unwanted traffic. Portal units belong under supervised units and are more secure with payouts than other websites advertised from unknown Advertisers.

Can I make racist remarks; send hateful messages or adult pictures?

No! In any of above mentioned cases, your Account will be immediately terminated, you will be reported to authorities and criminal charges will be pressed.

Can I send incentive massive traffic through scripts to Advertisers and their banners?

No! Your Account will get immediately terminated.

Can I ignore Members who I owe payments?

Depends, if they delivered solid traffic and respected the Terms, than you have to pay them or you will suffer consequences. Members who ignored the Terms, send automatic, incentive traffic or harm you in any way, they can be paid partially only for good traffic or totally ignored.

Can I file a lawsuit against Members who harmed me on purpose?

You can but you will have more expenses than everything is worth. This is the reason why professional portal units have filters which protect unit from fraudulent activities.

Can I slander QYAO, spread rumors about the Company and/or its coworkers?

It's not recommended, you might get hit with a defamation lawsuit and you will for sure lose the account and all funds in the account, no matter how much Money you have in the account.

Can I register hateful site against QYAO and its Members and copy QYAO's intellectual

You will most likely get hit with a lawsuit and expenses, punitive damages, losses and all other cost connected to lawsuit might financially cripple you.

Can I start with QYAO Company a partnership of serious business?

Best way to do that would be getting a city Franchise (test it before you buy it) which gives you a chance to test it for a symbolical amount through annual lease before you buy it. In most cases successful Franchisees earn in trial period more than enough to buy the Franchise at the end of the year.

Which Social Group is priority in QYAO focus?

QYAO gives opportunity to part time enthusiast who wants to earn few bucks to serious entrepreneurs who want to run a real business. QYAO is a tool and a hatchery for newborn businesses. Not many websites in the world are offering such opportunities as QYAO.